Enable family doctors and nurses at the primary level to prevent and manage chronic diseases

Digitalizing healthcare processes and engagement practices between HCPs and patients that facilitate…


(Clinics, pharmacies, hospitals...)

Empowering primary healthcare

services to enable the preventions of chronic diseases and deliver better quality at lower cost.


(Patients, Communities...)

Empowering patients

to gain more awareness about how their behaviours impact the evolution of the chronic disease and finally support their disease self-management tasks.

Our Mission


Avoidable admissions for chronic conditions that should be treated in primary health care were equivalent to

0 %
of hospital bed days in 2016
US$ million on average across
OECD Countries


Across EU countries, 26% of patients suffering from some chronic conditions did not receive any of the recommended preventive tests in the past twelve months.


In six African countries, 10% of women and almost 20% of men have never had their blood pressure taken.

Many admissions could be avoided with better management of chronic conditions in the community

Potentially avoidable hospital admissions for some chronic conditions consume over 37 million bed days each year

diabeteshypertensionheart failureCOPDasthmaTOTAL
admission/ discharges 800 303 6 653 906 1 749 384 1 109 865 328 976 4 653 924
% of all admission 1.0% 0.8% 2.1% 1.3% 0.4% 5.6%
total bed days 6 794 572 4 597 886 16 619 148 9 855 601 2 177 821 37 603 706

Our Solution

ABEOCARE is a cloud based solution that leverages innovative technologies to create an integrated and efficient healthcare ecosystem at the primary level, with a focus on NCDs, that embed critical components to enable a value based healthcare approach.

We are bridging the clinical gap between primary and secondary healthcare systems

The traditional healthcare model is highly fragmented and doesn’t enable the value creation through technologies. ABEOCARE addresses this challenge through its platform

Dr. Carolina Batista

Chief Medical Officer

Medical doctor with a successful career path in global health and tropical diseases, having designed innovative approaches to strengthen health systems and improve healthcare delivery in different settings. Demonstrated ability to identify emerging issues, global health trends and make decisions to achieve public health impact. Sound experience in establishing partnerships with various stakeholders to create local capacities, acting as a facilitator to build alliances and influence policy.

Several years of my professional experience were based in culturally diverse and resource limited settings, leading multi-cultural teams through clinical, managerial and strategic roles. For the last years I have held senior executive positions in international organisations, have led the development of innovative programs in various countries that enabled sustainable adoption of health technologies to address medical needs. I currently provide strategic support and guidance to global health organisations address public health challenges through innovative tools and partnerships. I act as the Chief Medical Officer for ABEOCARE and our vision is to improve the patient journey through novel approaches, combining technology, empowering patients and providers to improve effectiveness and efficiency in the way healthcare is delivered.