Digital-health solution to support the patients and HCP ecosystem

 ABEOCARE digital platform contains three main modules, disease prevention, disease management, and overall patient management. ABEOCARE define a new approach at the primary healthcare level, by asking the nurses or doctors to measure health parameters, biomarkers, for each specific disease that is included into the digital platform. The intelligence of the platform will assess the status of the patient automatically according to predefined medical standards

For each diagnosis, the solution provides the best recommendations in terms of treatment plans to manage the pre-disease or disease.

The patient’s health data that are collected during the medical check-up will be leveraged to source a patient-oriented dashboard with specific KPIs. This should allow the patient to gain better visibility on their health condition and to see how the adoption of correct or bad lifestyle have a positive or negative impact on their health conditions

The great innovations here is the reduction of the distance between primary vs secondary healthcare layers. Specialized biomarkers are now not only used at the secondary one. The direct outcome is a more efficient and efficacy management of the specialized disease at all the level of the healthcare system.

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